10 best free calls apps for Android! (Updated 2019)

The era of using actual land line telephones have all but come to an end. Between easily accessible Internet and cheaper smartphones, it’s easy to cut that cord for good. You’ll still need to find a data connection like a carrier plan or WiFi, but otherwise every app on this list lets you make free calls. We don’t really differentiate between physical phone calls with numbers or VoIP calls because they ultimately serve the same function, but we did include both types of apps ont he list. Here are the best free calls apps for Android! You can also click here to check out the best free call apps and sites for PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS!

Discord is a group chat app primarily for enthusiasts and gamers. However, it’s useful for just about anybody. You create groups and channels within those groups to keep all of the chatter organized. It also includes direct messages, stickers, and all kinds of little customizations. The app has a call feature, although it would be more fair to call it a voice chat feature. You can join voice chats with a huge number of participants or voice chat one on one with another person privately. It doesn’t make landline phone calls, but it’s great at a VoIP style service with a very powerful group chat as well.


Google Duo is a video chatting app. It’s also one of the easier free calls apps to use. You simply download it, open it, put in your phone number, and you can start making free video calls. The only downside is that the other person will also have to be using Google Duo. However, the good news is that Google Duo is free and multi-platform. That means it works on iOS and Android at least. It only does video calls, but they’re of good quality and you can make as many of them as you want. A recent update lets people make only voice calls if needed.

Google Duo

We’re reaching a little bit with Slack. However, it does actually make free calls to other people who use Slack. It’s an increasingly popular chat service that’s aimed at businesses both big and small. You’ll be able to create text channels, message people individually, and it comes with integration with a ton of other apps. It’s also cross-platform and calls are easy enough to make. They may be a bit fuzzy if you’re talking to people on the other side of the world, though. For now, Slack is entirely free for almost everybody.

Last up is the venerable WhatsApp. It started out as a text-only platform but has slowly evolved to include free calls and free video chats. Like most, you can only use the free calls feature if you’re connecting with another person who uses WhatsApp. Since it’s one of the most popular chat apps in existence, it shouldn’t be too bad to get other people on it. It’s huge, its powerful, and it works really well. It also has a variety of other features that help make the experience that much better.


If we missed any great free calls apps, tell us about them in the comments!

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