The Instagram Stories camera is getting a significant redesign and more

If you’re a loyal user of Instagram Stories, you know that the user interface has not changed much since the feature was launched. Well, that will soon be changing as the company has announced a significant redesign.

As seen in the below screenshots, Stories will switch up the layout of the Stories’ camera app. Everything from creative shooting modes such as Boomerangs to an ever-growing list of filters can be accessed through a carousel of sorts. 

Additionally, Instagram will soon release a new Create mode. This will allow users to share image- and video-free content with their followers on Stories. Create will show up alongside Live and Camera as a separate section from the 

Instagram Stories Camera and Create Mode Instagram

One feature that Instagram is rolling out today is a new Donation Sticker. As the name implies, users can use their followers to help raise money for several charities. All they need to do is select the sticker from the Stories panel, choose the non-profit they wish to support, and share the photo or video with their followers.

Instagram states that 100 percent of the money raised through the sticker will go to the selected charity.

Lastly, Instagram is also expanding its “Checkout” feature from Stories to the feed. Now, instead of just brands being able to promote and sell its products to users, influencers will be able to tag products from companies participating in the Checkout beta. 

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Fifty five brands and influencers will be the first to try out Instagram’s new Checkout features. If you come across one of these posts, you will be able to tap on one of the tagged products, view its listing, and complete your purchase all without leaving the social media app.

Previous Instagram updates

Instagram Checkout lets you buy things without leaving the app

March 19, 2019: Launched as a closed beta, “Checkout on Instagram” allows brands and companies to sell products through the social network. After clicking on the button, users will be able to complete the purchase without ever leaving the app. 

Only a few brands are signed up for now, but this will no doubt increase as the feature rolls out proper. You can see a list of all the brands on the Instagram blog here.

New Sticker features for Stories and Instagram Live

December 18, 2018: Instagram now lets users respond to question stickers in Stories with music tracks. As well as question stickers for comments on Instagram Live, countdown stickers have also been added to Stories.

Voice messaging

December 11, 2018: Instagram added a new voice messaging feature that works very similarly to voice messaging in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Apple’s Messages app.

The feature is easy enough to trigger — just tap and hold the microphone button when in Instagram Direct to record your voice message. You can record a voice message up to one minute in length and remains in your Instagram Direct threads indefinitely.

Nametags and school communities

October 5, 2018: Instagram introduced Nametags. Likely inspired by Snapchat’s Snap Codes, Nametags display a scannable area that includes your username. The idea is to forgo searching for people and just scan their Nametags instead.

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Instagram also introduced school-specific communities for current and former college students. You can add your school and graduation year to your profile, as well as any school-based organizations you might be a part of.

Once you add a school, you become part of the university’s directory on Instagram. You and other students can then search profiles based on class year.

Support for video chat, revamped Explore page, and new camera effects

June 26, 2018: Instagram introduced real-time video chatting within Instagram Direct. To start a video chat, go to the Direct tab, open a message thread, and tap the camera icon in the right corner. You can video chat with one friend or with a group of four people at a time.

Next up is the refreshed Explore page that includes new topic channels. When you open the Explore page, you now see a tray at the top with several personalized channels, such as art, sports, beauty, fashion, and “For You.” Each channel includes posts for that specific topic.

Finally, the new camera effects feature designs from Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel, and the NBA. You will have to follow any of those accounts to get the corresponding camera effects, however.

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