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There are a lot of home-based web hosting platforms in Nigeria. Ranging from start-ups like “Domain king, smart web, whogohost “and more, there has been none that has impressed me more than HUB 8.

This startup is affiliated with Russian hosting giants- REG.RU. we all know that a developing country like Nigeria would not be able to pull off a feat like having a hosting company. No offence to my fellow compatriots, but the fact remains that building an independent startup would require a lot of infrastructures.

Let’s have a look at what it takes to build a company that sells cyberspace to web administrators. The internet simply put is a network of computers, it is not an abstract mental indulgence. There is complex technologically designed hardware from remote locations that powers your wonderful cyber experience. optic fibres run from city to city across the oceans just to get data to earth, cyber consumers. Setting up some of this infrastructure is quite expensive. This optic fibre has data centres with supercomputers that serve all the data that comes to you in any format whatsoever.

Now that I’m done with being sentimental, let’s delve into the business of the day.  Which platform is the best hosting provider in Nigeria? Well, my best pick is HUB 8.  Although they are only a hosting reseller group. They have lots of features that can make you break the bank; that’s what we would be looking at in subsequent paragraphs.

Top five features that would make you sign up for HUB 8


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1.     They are super cheap

I took care to make this my first reason because the only way to be part of the HUB 8 hosting platform is to spend. Imagine having a hosting provider offer you their services for a few hundreds of naira rather than the normal thousands that it cost. They still have expensive offers but at least with 250, I see no reason why any web enthusiast can’t put up a cyber presence for his or herself.

Look at this, with as little as 250 nairas you can use any local ATM card and start up on HUB 8.  Majority of hosting providers can go as far as billing you 50 to 100 thousand nairas to set up a live website, but that is not the case with HUB 8.


2.     They have a cool website builder

Nobody likes doing anything the hard way, imagine building a complex site with just a few simple clicks. HUB 8 offers you a user interface that can allow you to choose from tons of templates that would suit whatever site you want to create. This tools feature is good for users who have knowledge of programming.

3.     they are WordPress enabled

I don’t like bugging good audience with new stuff, so let’s talk about WordPress for a while. WordPress is a development platform that lets people create sites; with either drag and drop features backed by some plugins or by programming. This world tech solution powers 60% of the internet. Imagine all those tons of search results you get in your browser, with their majority made with WordPress. Well, any hosting platform that is not WordPress enabled is hyper-backwards.

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HUB 8 supports WordPress. With your cPanel feature, you can install WordPress to the root folder of your site and then you would be set with your cyber baby courtesy of your website


4.     Very cheap domain names in HUB 8

A good name is than gold. A domain name is a name your site bears. Everything on earth has or should have an identity. Let me shock you for a while! My penis actually has a name! (come to the comment box and find out) I don’t think you would care about that huh. Getting Back to the basics, HUB offers Nigerian web developers an opportunity to own big names for amounts next to nothing.

Who doesn’t like spending less on big things?  an expensive. Dot co.uk  domain can be bought with as small as 3400 nairas. I don’t know about how other platforms sell but 3400 is a fair deal for a domain name that costs 29 thousand nairas.

With HUB 8 you can buy domain names for 300 nairas, 580 and so on and so forth.  What are you still reading this piece of junk for? Create an account with HUB 8 today

5.     Shocker! you can make money too

I don’t like the idea of introversion. After seeing all this cool feature, I urge to look forward to sharing HUB 8 with your friends and total strangers too. Don’t keep this good juice to yourself alone! Get a cup and share buddy.

I forgot to mention, sharing also earns you some cash. Some of us are familiar with affiliate marketing. This is not like such. Just go to your account dashboard and share the platform around with your affiliate link. You earn up to 15% per customer that you refer in HUB 8.

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6.     Good customer service

Can a woman just give birth and throw the baby away? Hell no!! I can assure you that the HUB has your back covered. With a 24/7 online service, whenever you encounter a hitch they would be always responsive to your complaints at any time.

With all this good brandishing of this brand, you should be able to make the best choice at this point in time.    CLICK AND SIGN UP FOR HUB 8


finally hub 8 offers free c panel hosting. and free hosting on all their packages….. don’t miss out

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