Can I use leftover water after blanching vegetables as vegetable broth? : AskCulinary


I had a zucchini glut and just finished blanching and freezing around 16 lbs of zucchini. When I went to dump out the water I blanched with, I noticed that it smelled really good, so I decided to freeze some of it. Would this be useable as a replacement for vegetable broth? I have two concerns: 1. The recipe I used to freeze the zucchini said not to put salt in the water because doing that would negatively affect the texture of the zucchini after it is thawed, so I didn’t. Salt seems like a key aspect of broth, although maybe I could add some after defrosting. 2. While the liquid smelled very good, it’s one note, ie it doesn’t have the melded smell several vegetables as is the case with regular vegetable broth. If anyone has tried this or has any other insight, let me know!

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