Hey folks! I’ve been an FOH guy for 26+ years. I’ve finally decided to make the leap into BOH. : AskCulinary

This new job, in a recently opened restaurant, landed me in front of a pizza oven. Although I have loved pizza my entire life and know how to make it at home, I’m not sure about making it in a restaurant. The toppings and cooking part is easy. My question is more about prep.

Our pizza times are super slow. It takes my pizza guys/gals about 6+ minutes to roll/stretch out a dough ball. My question is, if we roll out our dough and keep it in the walk-in. wrapped up, how long will it last? Will it have any adverse affects on the final pizza?

Our dough is basic. I’m not crazy about it. But, I’m not the chef. I’m just trying to cut down the time a pie takes to hit the window and get out.

Gas oven is topped out at 450°F; maybe 475°F on a good day. Hotspots in the floor range from 440-470. I’m looking at a 12 minute cook time in the oven.

Any ideas?

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