Is it safe to heat cast iron hotter than oil smoking point? : AskCulinary

Recently I have been making steak but I cannot get the sear I want that I normally get on a grill since the smoking point is not high enough on my oils. For example, if I use ghee I can heat the cast iron to 450-480f.

My question is, is it safe to have the cast iron higher temperature than what the smoking point for the oil is? Does the oil break down right away when it starts smoking? After I got my initial sear, I lowered the flame to around 300f and added butter/herbs. Even though the sear looks nice, itis not as crispy as I would like. Is there anything I can do to make the sear better? I’m hesitant to use higher temperatures than smoking point, and not sure what I can do to improve my sear game.

There was one time I over heated my cast iron and the sear was pretty good, but I’m sure it was a health hazard as the cast iron was probably 600-700f. It smoked like crazy, the garlic burnt within a few seconds.. after this I realized I should get a temperature gun to verify the temperature of the food is safe to eat…

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