Need help planning a menu for 65 people. Please help me make my dad proud. : AskCulinary

I’m not a novice cook but it’s been ten years since I’ve been out of the game and I’m rusty. My dad asked me to cater a dinner for 65 (mainly older, 70-80 year olds) people for an awards ceremony. It has to be a sit down dinner and I need it to be kinda fancy. I need an app, entree and dessert. Money isn’t a problem but I do need it to be kind of easy. He said I can cook whatever I want. I’ll have access to a full prep kitchen with two ovens, 6 burners and a flattop. I will also have two friends helping me. It’s not until mid September.

What would your menu be??

My dad raves about my cooking to his friends and I really want to make him proud. Please help!

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