Nnamdi Kanu arrives Japan to present Biafra struggle – Reach – Latest News and Updates

Pioneer of the restricted Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has arrived Japan as a major aspect of exertion to spread the beliefs of the Biafran battle for opportunity.

In a tweet shared on Saturday morning, Nnamdi Kanu said he was in Japan “to keep up the political force of the most steadfast activism to reestablish Biafra.”

In his tweet, he likewise went after President Buhari and the political heads in the nation, saying that he landed at a spot that they are scared to string.

He wrote: “Thanks to Elohim, I’ve arrived in Japan to maintain the diplomatic momentum of the most resolute activism to restore Biafra.

IPOB will continue to appear openly in places Jubril/Buhari and his handlers were too terrified to thread.
I will address Biafrans at 2 pm Biafran Time.”

Watch video of his arrival in his tweet below.

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