Pokaini Forest – Naudītes Pagasts, Latvia

Strange clusters of stones freckle this Latvian forest. People have been drawn into these woods for ages, lured by the mysterious rocks and their alleged powers.

But unusual rock heaps remain unexplained. One proposed reason for their existence is that the stones may have been gathered centuries ago to build a castle that never materialized. This, however, would be hard to prove, as there are no records of such activities in the area. A more mundane explanation is that people gathered them while clearing the fields for farming. But this still wouldn’t explain why they plunked them in various piles so deep in the forest.

People have attributed special powers to the stones. Some consider the forest to be a healing center or an old pagan sanctuary, and it’s now frequented by psychics and channelers to boost their energetic charges. Some visitors claim the stones have an uplifting and energizing effect. People will sometimes bring offerings to enhance the stones’ powers.

Others threat this place with caution and consider it to be a haunted area, or even a gateway to a parallel world. There are rumors that some people have died or otherwise suffered soon after visiting the forest. It’s said that taking the stones from the woods and bringing them home is dangerous.

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